Chapter 13

Bigfoot describes to Doc the feeling of paranoia spreading among the LAPD in the aftermath of the Manson killings. Bigfoot also tells Doc that Coy Harlingen—and his multiple aliases—is being “run” by several law-enforcement offices.

Bigfoot offers Doc information potentially linking Coy Harlingen’s drug “overdose” with Puck Beaverton. Beaverton is a member of the Aryan Brotherhood and one of Mickey Wolfmann’s bodyguards. Bigfoot suggests that Puck’s former employer, loan shark Adrian Prussia, might also be connected with Coy’s overdose.

Throughout this conversation, Doc perceives his nemesis Bigfoot as a “hustler” intent on tricking or conning him. Doc openly distrust Bigfoot, even though Bigfoot appears to be offering him leads in the Coy Harlingen case.

Clancy Charlock tells Doc that her friend Boris Spivey and his girlfriend Dawnette have gone missing. Boris is a member of the Aryan Brotherhood. In Chapter 9, Boris told Doc that Mickey had decided to give away his fortune and revealed the Vigilant California’s plot to kidnap Mickey. (149) The timing of Boris’s disappearance seems connected to his conversation with Doc.

Dog begins looking for Puck Beaverton.

At the same time, Trillium Fortnight seeks Doc’s help in finding Puck. Trillium is in love with Puck. She was referred to Doc by Boris Spivey and Dawnette. Doc and Trillium fly to Las Vegas to look for Puck Beaverton.

In Las Vegas, Doc Speaks with Puck and Einar’s former landlord, Delwyn Quight, and learns that FBI Special Agents Borderline and Flatweed are also in Las Vegas looking for Puck. Doc knows that Borderline and Flatweed are investigating the disappearance of Mickey Wolfmann and the murder of Glen Charlock, and this makes him wonder if Puck Beaverton could be connected with these cases. Doc also wonders if Mickey had dealings with the the Mob or the FBI.

Doc and Trillium visit a Las Vegas bar looking for Puck and Einar. Trillium and Doc each learn that Puck owes money to many locals. Doc learns that Puck and Einar are slot-machine hustlers, and later catches a glimpse of them in action.

Trillium meets Puck alone and arranges a meeting between Doc and Puck later that night at the Kismet Lounge (casino) in North Las Vegas.

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