Chapter 2

Hoping to meet Mickey Wolfmann, Doc pays a visit to Channel View Estates, a real estate development being built by Mickey. While looking around, Doc is knocked unconscious. When he recovers, he’s at the scene of a grizzly murder. Doc’s nemesis, Lieutenant “Bigfoot” Bjornsen of the LAPD, tells Doc that while he was unconscious, Glen Charlock, a member of the Aryan Brotherhood and one of Mickey Wolfmann’s bodyguards, was murdered, and Mickey mysteriously vanished. Initially, Bigfoot connects Doc with the murder and Mickey’s disappearance. He then reconsiders and tries to turn Doc into a police informant.

Shasta disappears, which adds a new dimension to Doc’s investigation.

Ex-heroin-junkie Hope Harlingen hires Doc to investigate her husband’s death—reportedly a heroin overdose—and the simultaneous anonymous deposit in her bank account.

Doc hears a rumour that Hope’s husband, Coy Harlingen, is alive and part of the entourage of a surf band called the Boards.

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