Chapter 20

Doc reviews enlargements from Farley’s film of the commotion at Channel View Estates but cannot identify the gunman who nailed Glen Charlock.

Sauncho tells Doc that the Justice Department is about to intercept the Golden Fang. The Coast Guard is also closing in on the ship. Sauncho and Doc take a motorboat out to observe the Justice Department’s pursuit and takeover of the Golden Fang.

Oddly, the D.O.J. vessel carries young attorneys drinking beer and women in bikinis, many singing along with rock ‘n’ roll from the radio.

A swell builds then breaks into a massive wave where no swell should be: it is the legendary Death’s Doorsill, Saint Flip’s mythical break. The conditions quickly become too severe for the D.O.J. or Coast Guard to continue their pursuit.

Three cigarette boats detach from the Golden Fang and disappear into the mist. Eventually the Coast Guard board the abandoned schooner and tow it ashore.

Sauncho reveals he has taken an insurance policy out on the Golden Fang; if no one claims the ship in a year and a day, it could become his.

Doc receives a cheque from Kismet Lounge and Casino for $10,000—his winnings from his bet that Mickey was abducted against his will. Included with a cheque is a note confirming that Mickey was indeed kidnapped against his will.

Coy Harlingen has been given his freedom and has reunited with his family.

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