Chapter 6

Deputy District Attorney Penny Kimball and Doc are dating. Penny takes a professional interest in Doc’s former relationship with Shasta and how that might have a bearing on the Wolfmann-Charlock case. Penny also asks Doc for information relating to Doc’s stewardess friends Lourdes and Motella, and Vietnam veterans Cookie and Joaquin.

Following his conversation with Penny at the federal courthouse, Doc is surprised to be drawn into a meeting with the FBI, which Penny arranged. FBI agents Flatweed and Borderline question Doc about Tariq Khalil’s possible involvement in the murder of Glen Charlock and the disappearance of Mickey Wolfmann. Like Penny, the FBI are interested in Lourdes, Motella, Cookie, and Joaquin.

Lourdes and Motella explain to Doc that Cookie and Joaquin are trafficking US currency.

Doc learns how he was framed for Glen Charlock’s murder. Jade reveals that the police told her and Bambi to move Doc’s unconscious body to the murder scene to avoid being charged with the murder themselves. Jade warns Doc to beware of the Golden Fang.  

Jade also tells Doc that Mickey Wolfmann’s bodyguards, the Aryan Brotherhood, fled the Channel View Estates mini-mall before the raid in which Glen was murdered, “like they knew it was going to happen.” We later learn that the raid was carried out by the LAPD’s private militia, Vigilant California. This supports the idea that Sloane and the LAPD are colluding to kidnap or do away with Mickey Wolfmann. Sloane’s motive in this plot is clear (get Mickey’s money) but the LAPD’s motive isn’t clear.Jade brings Doc to Coy Harlingen, who asks Doc for info on his wife and daughter (Hope and Amethyst). Coy explains to Doc that the Golden Fang is a schooner that secretly brings stuff in and out of the country. He tells Doc that gangster Blondie-San knows what cargo the Golden Fang is transporting.

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