Chapter 9

Doc and Denis visit the Boards’ house disguised as a reporter and photographer from a music magazine. Doc is looking for Coy Harlingen, who is rumoured to be part of the Boards’ entourage. Doc finds Coy, but Coy is too nervous and paranoid to talk. Driving away from the Boards’ house, Doc is pursued in a car bearing “dark shapes with ghostly white incisors.”

Farley develops Denis’ film, which yields an image of Coy. Doc shows the photo to Bigfoot, explains Coy’s “resurrection,” and how he has been working as a snitch for the police department and for Vigilant California. Bigfoot promises to personally look into Coy’s case.

Farley’s video of Channel View Estates shows Glen Charlock’s murder.

Doc hooks up with Luz, who describes the relationships between Riggs, Mickey, Sloane, and herself.

Clancy Charlock tells Doc that her brother Glen probably saw something he shouldn’t have on the day he was murdered.

Aryan Brotherhood member Boris Spivey tells Doc that Vigilant California came to Channel View Estates “for Mickey.” Aryan Brotherhood member Puck Beaverton was supposed to “let them in the door and disappear, but Puck got cold feet at the last minute and changed shifts with Glen, except that he didn’t tell Glen what was gonna happen, he just split.” (149)

Aryan Brotherhood member Boris Spivey reveals that before Mickey’s disappearance, he (Mickey) decided to give away his fortune, a secret he told to Shasta but not to his wife Sloane. Boris says Shasta worried that Sloane and Riggs were plotting together against Mickey.

Finally, Boris tells Doc that Bigfoot was friends with Mickey, and was warning Mickey of possible plots against him.

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