Chapter 12

After learning that Mickey was (probably) at the Chryskylodon Institute the night before he disappeared, Doc pays the facility a visit. He soon discovers that Sloane had endowed a new wing to the Chryskylodon Institute, likely with Mickey’s money.

Doc observes an orderly wearing Mickey’s “Shasta” nudie necktie.

He also observes Coy Harlingen among the inmates. It occurs to Doc that the Golden Fang gets its customers strung out on drugs then “sells them a program to help them kick.”

Denis reports that the Boards broke into his apartment and trashed it while searching for the photos he took a their party. Denis believes the Boards aren’t as hip as they portray themselves to be.

Fritz gives Doc a list of the members of Vigilant California, the private militia of the LAPD, described in Chapter 8 as GOP activists.

Doc visit Vigilant California member Arthur Tweedle, who explains the organization’s role in police enforcement. He goes on to describe Vigilant California’s role in chasing Mickey’s bodyguards, the Aryan Brotherhood, off of Channel View Estates the day Mickey disappeared. Arthur reveres Bigfoot as a “badass.”

Bigfoot questions Doc about his possible role in the death of Dr. Rudy Blatnoyd.

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