Chapter 16

The next day, doc visits Penny at the District Attorney’s office. Penny asks Doc to record a formal statement that he saw Mickey Wolfmann in FBI custody in Las Vegas. He agrees on the condition that Penny gives him access to classified records dealing with the LAPD cover-up of Adrian Prussia’s crimes.

While giving his statement, Doc perceives an antagonistic rivalry between the DA and the FBI. He also thinks it odd that the DA (Penny) doesn’t ask Doc about Puck Beaverton.

Penny fulfills her promise to give Doc access to Adrian Prussia’s police records. These documents reveal that Adrian Prussia murdered the mystery cop mentioned  in Chapter 15: the mystery cop is Bigfoot’s former police partner, Vincent Indelicato.

The records also show that Adrian Prussia was essentially a contract killer for the LAPD, and the police covered up Adrian’s many murders. Doc wonders if the DA’s office is complicit in the cover-up.

Doc learns that Aryan Brotherhood member Boris Spivey had worked for Adrian Prussia before getting hired by Mickey Wolfmann. Puck Beaverton also worked for Adrian Prussia before being hired by Mickey.

Doc finds a photo among Adrian Prussia’s police records connecting Prussia with the counterfeit US currency and the Golden Fang schooner.

Sauncho tells Doc that the counterfeit bills the Feds pulled out of the ocean were distributed among the FBI agents on the case. (287)

Doc learns that while Glen Charlock was in prison, he was recruited to join the Aryan Brotherhood. His initiation involved him killing an inmate named El Huevoncito. Glen sub-contracted the murder to fellow inmate Tariq Khalil. As payment, Glen promised that his “friends” would arrange a delivery of firearms to Tariq’s gang on the outside. (292) Glen’s “friends” are none other than the Golden Fang. The weapons deal never went through, however.

Shortly after Glen was released from prison, Mickey Wolfmann offered him a job.

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