Chapter 7

Doc’s attorney, marine lawyer Sauncho Smilax, tells him what he has learned about the mysterious schooner Golden Fang. Mickey Wolfmann sailed aboard the Golden Fang shortly before his disappearance. Shasta may have been with him. On that same trip, Sauncho’s source in the federal courthouse saw something go over the side of the vessel: ”lagan”—”stuff you sink deliberately so you can come back and get it later.” (94)

We learn the history of the schooner Golden Fang.

Surfer St. Flip reports seeing—and surfing—a gnarly break in open ocean where a break shouldn’t normally be. Sortilège thinks this must be caused by the lost island of Lemuria, “the Atlantis of the Pacific,” rising to the surface again.Through one of Doc’s acid trips, we learn of his possible origin on this planet. Another of his tips reveals the US to be caught between an ancient rivalry between Atlantis and Lemuria, with the US slowly sinking beneath the oceans. In the same trip, an ancient Lemurian spirit-guide called Kamukea reveals Shasta aboard the Golden Fang. We learn in Chapter 17 that Shasta sees Doc during her acid trip. In both cases the acid was provided by Vehi Fairfield.

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